Isis Giraldo


Isis Giraldo’s music hopes to transcend cultural & social norms. She is interested in the cross pollination of seemingly contrasting styles (cumbia, salsa, choral music, hip-hop, jazz) with futuristic electronic textures to create new sounding and explorative songs. Her Colombian – Canadian identity has made her realize the power music has over inclusiveness, social justice, and equality. Her music is a reflection of her story and experiences; transcending status, culture, gender, language, and all other barriers that try and divide us.

She has released three “official” albums over the past three years (Isis Giraldo Poetry Project-2015, Chiquita Magic-2016, & Aventuras-2017) and has toured North & South America extensively both as Chiquita Magic & with other artists such as Brahja Waldman NYC, Emma Frank NYC / Quebec, & Louis Cole – L.A (opening 4 the Red Hot Chili Peppers). She recently toured Latin America with DIASPORA, her new duo project feat. Anais Maviel and is currently working on the final touches for the next Chiquita Magic album. She hopes to continue being surrounded by & collaborating with such an inspiring community of artists from all backgrounds.