The Isis Giraldo Poetry Project


The Isis Giraldo Poetry Project encapsulates the poetic universe of her father and the musical universe of Isis’ various environments. The father: the poet, Ruben Dario Giraldo. The daughter: the composer, Isis Giraldo. The power of the project lies in the dynamic between the poet’s meaning and the composer’s ideas.

By re-contextualizing her father’s poems within the framework of her own musical voice, she seeks to explore the link between father and daughter. As each musician brings his own voice and experiences to the performance of the compositions, the words exist over a constant mobility of sound.
The Poetry Project has had opportunities such as playing the Mile End Poetry Festival in 2013, going to the Colombian Jazz Fest 2013, participating in the Montreal l’off festival 2013, POP Montreal and playing in various venues in Montreal. They released their first full album entitled “PADRE” in March 2015.
The band is: Jane Chan – cello, Simon Millerd – trumpet, Ben Dwyer – bass, Mike Bjella – sax, Kai Basanta – drums.